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Cultistorm is the expression of our respect and love for H. P. Lovecraft. It is more than just an ordinary board game – this is a Lovecraftian gaming experience with literary and musical dimensions. Our theme choice was motivated by a deep commitment to the work and heritage of H. P. Lovecraft. We want to create an excellent board game for those who know and love Lovecraft, and we would like to make Lovecraft’s work known to those who are board game fans.

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Rezension: Cultistorm

Cultistorm ist ein kooperatives Spiel, welches in der Welt des H. P. Lovecraft rund um den Cthulhu-Mythos angesiedelt ist. Mittlerweile gibt es solche Spiele ja wie Sand am Meer, aber im Gegensatz zu den Platzhirschen Arkham und Eldritch Horror handelt es sich bei Cultistorm weni...[Weiterlesen]

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