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Cupcakes are at the height of fashion in the city. It’s the perfect time to expand your business. Even though at the moment you only have one small Bakery, the dedication and the level of creativity of your employees means that there are no limits to your ambition.Your task will be no piece of cake since your competitors share your same goals and they are not going to make it easy for you. Only those who work the most efficiently and effectively will manage to build their own cupcake empire.

Cupcake Empire is mainly a dice game. Your personal board represents your business and the dice your workers. In each of the columns of the board you can carry out one specific action; create new recipes for cupcakes, open new stores, serve customers, hire new workers, etc. On each turn you will have to decide which column you are going to activate, taking into account that the more dice there are and the more specialized they are, the more effective the action will be. Through these actions you will increase your level of sales and production, trying to get them to grow in equal measure since at the end of each of your turns your Income will increase by the amount indicated by the marker that is the furthest behind i.e. that has made the least progress.

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Cupcake Empire. Foto: Ludonova

Rezension: Cupcake Empire

Wie die Jungfrau zum Kinde… Komm, wir gucken uns Cupcake Empire an. Das sieht so süß aus! Ich hatte dieses Spiel vor der Messe Essen nicht auf dem Schirm. Passiert. Die Aufforderung unseres weiblichen Parts der Spielgruppe in Essen führte dann auch zu einer Reflexhandlung: ...[Weiterlesen]

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