SPIEL19 Preview

Electropolis Cover - Homosapiens Lab


Beschreibung: Electropolis is a strategic city-building boardgame. As the mayor of the ever-growing city, you must plan out the best energy solution to meet the skyrocketing demand of electricity. The pros and cons of coal-fired plants, green energy, and nuclear power challenge y...[Weiterlesen]

Consumption Cover - Kolossal Games


Beschreibung: As with all things in life, food and health are about balance. Since no two people are the same, different diets meet different needs. With a little help and enough determination, your goals are well within reach. Consumption: Food and Choices is a worker placement ...[Weiterlesen]

Aqua Mirabilis Cover - Gotha Games

Aqua Mirabilis

Beschreibung: In Aqua Mirabilis, you take the role of a perfumer whose goal is to produce novel and exquisite perfumes to please the King and his Court. It all starts with flowers: orange, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, narcissus, and the rose. Through a variety of production metho...[Weiterlesen]

Yukon Airways Cover - Ludonova

Yukon Airways

Beschreibung: In Yukon Airways, you will be at the controls of your very own seaplane with the mission of transporting travelers to the different points of the Yukon. Embark your passengers (dice) using a draft system and use your ticket cards to take them to the different locati...[Weiterlesen]

On the Origin of Species Cover - Mont Tàber

On the Origin of Species

Beschreibung: „I am very anxious to see the Galapagos Islands, — I think both the Geology & Zoology cannot fail to be very interesting.“ — Charles Darwin, Letter to his sister, Catherine in August 1835. Assist Charles Darwin during the Beagle journey a...[Weiterlesen]

Irish Gauge Cover - Capstone Games

Irish Gauge

Beschreibung: Irish Gauge — one of three titles in Winsome Games 2014 Essen Set — is played on a map of Ireland and is similar in style to many of the stock-based, cube-rail games released by Winsome Games since 2007. On each player’s turn, they can either place a share of ...[Weiterlesen]

Bios: Origins Cover - Sierra Madre Games

Bios: Origins 2nd Edition

Beschreibung: Bios origins is the 2nd edition of Origins – How we became human. The game is redesigned from the bottom up and made to fit into the Bios Trilogy. The theme is similar to the first edition, the evolution of an intelligent species from the time they become self...[Weiterlesen]

Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer Cover - Hit 'Em With a Shoe

Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer

Beschreibung: Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer is a game designed to run 1-4 players through a year of managing a wild bee hive. Players of this medium-weight Eurogame utilize resource management and worker placement mechanisms to be the hive that sets up the best possible pat...[Weiterlesen]

Prêt-á-Porter Cover - Pegasus Spiele, Portal Games


Beschreibung: Blitzlichtgewitter, wunderschöne Models und Shows voller Kritiker. Das Leben in der Modebranche klingt aufregend – und das ist es auch –, aber die meisten Menschen können sich nicht vorstellen, wie hart der Wettbewerb werden kann und wie schwierig es ist, neue Kreat...[Weiterlesen]

Through the Ages: Neue Anführer und Wunder Cover - HeidelBär Games / CGE

Through the Ages: Neue Anführer und Wunder

Beschreibung: Neue Anführer wie Konfuzius oder Steve Jobbs stehen bereit, eurer Zivilisation neue Impulse zu verleihen. Neue Wunder bieten viele Möglichkeiten für eure Spielstrategien. Beginnt, die Seidenstraße zu bauen und erhaltet dadurch schon vor ihrer Fertigstellung Vorteile...[Weiterlesen]

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